How To Style Butterfly Hair Clip

How To Style Butterfly Hair Clip

Styling your hair with butterfly clips is a creative way to add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your look. Here are some trendy and easy ways to incorporate butterfly clips into your hairstyles, inspired by various sources:

  1. Half-Back Flat Twists: Start by creating flat twists from the front to the back of your head. Secure each twist with butterfly clips for a '90s-inspired look that's both stylish and functional​​.

  2. Side Part Twists: Combine the elegance of side-parted hair with the charm of butterfly clips. Twist sections of your hair and secure them with clips at the back for a voluminous effect​​

    butterfly clips in hair
  3. Layered Blowout: Use butterfly clips as accessories to add fun to your blowout. Place clips throughout your hair for a wavy, textured look that showcases your hair's natural length and texture​​.

  4. Accessorized Braided Hairstyle: Elevate a classic braided hairstyle by incorporating butterfly clips along the braid. This adds a chic and sophisticated touch to your look​

  5. Sleek High Pigtails: Transform playful pigtails into a charming hairstyle with the addition of small, brightly coloured butterfly clips. This look is both fun and picturesque​

  6. Bubble Pigtails: For a flirty and cool vibe, create bubble pigtails and accentuate them with butterfly clips for a face-framing effect​

  7. Twin Butterfly Clips: Place large butterfly clips in curly or coily hair textures for a standout look. These larger clips will not get lost in your hair's texture and add an extra dazzle​

  8. butterfly hair clips

    French Braid with Flat Butterfly Clips: Slide a few flat butterfly clips into a French braid for a more elegant accessory option, perfect for special occasions​

  9. Down and Loose with Statement Butterfly Clip: Use a large butterfly duckbill clip to easily dress up a casual, down and loose hairstyle. Clip back one side of your hair for an instant style upgrade​

These styles show that butterfly clips are versatile and can be incorporated into various hairstyles, from casual looks to more formal updos. Whether you're aiming for a nostalgic '90s vibe or a modern twist on classic styles, butterfly clips offer endless possibilities for creative hair styling.